1. Whirly Board Spinning Balance Board

Whirly Board Spinning Balance Board

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Whirly Board Spinning Balance Board

Product Details

: 1027-P-MK0352

Whirly Board is the most universal multi purpose balance board for everyone in the family!

THE BOARD SPORT ENTHUSIAST: practice skills that improve your balance, agility, and spatial awareness. These skills will translate directly to all board sports

THE ENERGETIC KID'S FAVORITE: The challenge of the Whirly Board will encourage your kids to be persistent and not give up! Give them an enjoyable toy that will improve their coordination, balance, and agility. They can also challenge their friends to complete the biggest spin or most creative tricks. 

THE OFFICE TRENDSETTER: This board makes a perfect accessory to your standing up desk. Keep your legs active at work or take a break to shred some tricks, show off and make your co-workers jealous! THE WORKOUTAHOLIC: incorporate balance training into your workout to improve the efficiency of your exercise routine. Get in a little cardio, engage more muscles, strengthen your core, and make basic moves more effective

THE KLUTZ: Don't have any balance? Perfect! The Whirly Board is exactly what you need to increase your stability and prevent injury so you can feel confident trying something new and adventurous!


Whirly Board is the most universal multi purpose...