1. Venchi Chocolate Orange Gift Box
Venchi Chocolate Chocolate Orange Gift Box
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Three each of:

  • Cremino Gold Venezuela - Cremino with alternated layers of Gianduja, with premiom cacao blends from Venezuela
  • Cremino 1878- A layer of white chocolate with almond paste between two layers of milk Gianduja made with Piedmont Hazelnuts
  • Cremino Pistacchio- Alternating layers of lightly salted pistachio Gianduja
  • Cremino Extra Dark - A layer of dark chocolate with almond paste between two layers of dark Gianduja
  • Gianduja N. 3 - Gianduja with premium cocoa from South America, Piedmont Hazelnuts (35%) and raw cane sugar. Three simple ingredients, without milk, for a taste of tradition and innovation
  • Gianduiotto- Historical Venchi Gianduiotto recipe with a minimum percentage of 32% Piedmont hazelnuts
  • Dark Filled Gianduiotto- Premium Piedmont Hazelnut Gianduja filled with 60% dark chocolate. A surprising play of different textures. Extra Dark Gianduitto with 75% cocoa and hazelnut paste made exclusively with Piedmont Hazelnuts
  • Net Weight: 8.25 oz
  • Product Dimensions: 11.5in x 6in x 1.5in
  • The artistry and passion of Venchi chocolatiers are on full display with this stunning double tray gift box. Filled with two dozen exquisite orange chocolates—twelve assorted Cremino and twelve assorted Gianduja flavors—this gift was made for special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. Created from ingredients like olive oil, cocoa butter and candied orange peel, it’s perfect for those with a love of chocolate and a zest for life. Twelve Assorted Cremino and 12 Assorted Gianduja.

    1. Venchi Chocolate Orange Gift Box