1. Venchi Chocolate Medium Garden Hamper
Venchi Chocolate Medium Garden Hamper
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Flavors Include:

  • Cremino 1878 Three-layered Cremino chocolate: a layer of white chocolate with almond paste between two layers of milk Gianduja made with Piedmont hazelnuts, it is still made according to the original recipe of 1878. Cremino is one of Venchi's classics, honouring the world-renowned chocolate tradition of Piedmont. Its smooth texture and sweet taste make it the ideal snack for when you need an indulgent, uplifting chocolate treat. Gianduiotto: The Classic Gianduiotto is still produced following the original recipe, based on a 32% minimum hazelnut content. A traditional chocolate celebrating the unique and flavoursome taste of Piedmont hazelnuts which are ground into a soft, delicious paste. Savour on its own or paired with a dry white wine that softens its creamy texture. Dark chocolate Prendivoglia: 56% dark chocolate Prendivoglia filled with 3 whole Piedmont hazelnuts, as per the original recipe of 1962. A traditional chocolate that celebrates the classic Italian pairing of chocolate and hazelnuts featuring a pleasant contrast of textures between shell and filling. Available in 2 more flavours: Milk Chocolate Prendivoglia and Covered Cremino Prendivoglia. Chocoviar: Filled with extra dark cream with extra virgin olive oil in a shell of 75% Cuor di cacao covered with beads of 75% dark chocolate.
    • Net Weight 14.1 oz.
    • Product Dimensions: 8" x 8" x 2"
  • Celebrate both beautiful flavors and artistry with a striking gift box filled with Venchi assorted chocolates. Impeccable Venchi chocolates are made with the finest natural ingredients like olive oil, cocoa butter, and Piedmont hazelnuts, a prized morsel cultivated in Italy. This gift of exceptional chocolates includes a variety of unique flavor combinations and, with 28 pieces, makes a wonderful gift for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or for expressing your sincere thanks and appreciation.

    1. Venchi Chocolate Medium Garden Hamper