1. Venchi Chocolate Golden Tray Chocoviar
Venchi Chocolate Golden Tray Chocoviar
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Includes three of each flavor.

  • Cubotto Chocaviar: 75% dark filled chocolate. Chocoviar are microspheres of chocolate made from prized cocoa beans processed using a sophisticated production method. You will experience the rarest and most special sensation that chocolate can provide. When you taste them and, depending on where they melt in your mouth, the best single-source cocoa used to make them will reveal its qualities.
    • Cubotto Chocaviar Crème Suprema: a Suprema cream filling in a milk chocolate shell and garnished with Chocaviar 75% granules.>/li>
      • Cubotoo Chocaviar Crème Pistacchio: made from dark chocolate filled with pistachio Gianduja with salted hazelnuts, almonds and pistachios covered in lightly salted toffee and hazelnut pieces.
        • Chocaviar Crème Brulee: recreated as milk and dark chocolate shell filled with burnt caramel and covered in Chocaviar 75%.
          • Cubotto Chocaviar Gianduja: creamy Gianduia filling with a whole Piedmont Hazelnut, covered in dark chocolate and 75% dark Chocaviar.
            • Net Weight: 10.29 oz
            • Dimensions: 7.5" x 5" x 1.25"
            • Give the ultimate gift of luxurious Venchi Chocaviar—the rarest chocolate in the world. Each mouthwatering confection is created with the finest natural ingredients like olive oil, cocoa butter, and a prized variety of hazelnuts cultivated in Italy. Discover fifteen assorted Chocaviar chocolates, individually wrapped and beautifully presented in a signature gilded tray. Includes three of each flavor.

              1. Venchi Chocolate Golden Tray Chocoviar