1. Venchi Chocolate Garden Maxi Book
Venchi Chocolate Garden Maxi Book
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  • Net Weight: 7 oz
  • Dimensions: 11" x 8" x 6"

With over 140 years of expertise in chocolate making, Venchi has earned national recognition for delicious and natural chocolates made with the best ingredients and the best intentions.

    This sixteen piece, exquisite Garden Book collection features exotic milk and dark bonbons with luscious, creamy fillings of hazelnut, almond, and vanilla. Each mouthwatering creation is made with ingredients like olive oil, cocoa butter, and a prized variety of hazelnuts. Includes the following assorted chocolates:

  • Chocaviar: Filled with extra dark cream with extra virgin olive oil in a shell of 75% Cuor di cacao covered with beads of 75% dark chocolate.
    • Truffle: Chocolate Truffle with a reformulated recipe in a truffle version with a butter ganache base, cocoa and Piedmont Hazelnuts, Sicilian almonds and toasted & salted pistachios for a delicious sweet and salty sensation. Truffles owe their soft but slightly "granular" texture to how they are mixed and hand-drawn.
      • Doubledone: Chocolate with creamy outside shell and 75% dark chocolate filling. All the intensity of the precious Venchi cocoa blends in a creamy Doubledone.
        • Cremino 1878: Three-layered Cremino chocolate: a layer of white chocolate with almond paste between two layers of milk Gianduja made with Piedmont hazelnuts, it is still made according to the original recipe of 1878. Cremino is one of Venchi's classics, honouring the world-renowned chocolate tradition of Piedmont. Its smooth texture and sweet taste make it the ideal snack for when you need an indulgent, uplifting chocolate treat.
          1. Venchi Chocolate Garden Maxi Book