1. Sticky Chewy Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe

Sticky Chewy Chocolate Ice Cream

Good chocolate ice cream should make you close your eyes in delight and almost overwhelm your taste buds with its chocolatiness, but few options live up to that promise. This recipe really delivers on both taste and delight. This is the chocolate ice cream that every adult remembers relishing as a child and that every child will ask for again and again. Best part? It’s ridiculously easy to make. Making this ice cream requires the use of an ice cream machine.

  • 1

    Chill the ice cream bowl as recommended by your ice cream machine manual.

  • 2

    Prepare a large bowl of ice and water. Set aside.

  • 3

    In a double boiler over medium heat, melt the dark and milk chocolate.

  • 4

    While the chocolate is melting, in a sauce pan, heat the milk, heavy cream, sugar, sweetened condensed milk, and cocoa powder.

  • 5

    Whisk until well combined and heat, whisking occasionally, over medium-high heat until simmering. Simmer for a few minutes, then remove from heat.

  • 6

    Once the milk and dark chocolates are fully melted, it’s time to add the dairy mixture. Add a ladleful to the melted chocolate and whisk until fully combined. Keep adding the dairy mixture to the chocolate one ladleful at a time, whisking until well combined each time, until you’ve added a little more than half of the mixture. Add the remaining mixture and whisk the ice cream base until full blended.

  • 7

    Place the blended ice cream base in the bowl of prepared ice water for about a half hour or until completely cool.

  • 8

    Once the ice cream base is fully cooled, add to the chilled bowl of your ice cream machine and turn on your machine. Allow the ice cream machine to churn until the base has thickened to the consistency of soft-serve ice cream.

  • 9

    Transfer the ice cream to a freezer container and freeze until solid. Ice cream can be kept in the freezer for up to two weeks, though it’s rare for it to remain uneaten for that long!


  • >3/4 Cup Dark Chocolate
  • > 1/3 Cup Milk Chocolate
  • >2 Cups Whole Milk
  • >1 Cup Heavy Cream
  • > 3/4 Cup Sugar
  • >1/2 Cup Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • >4 Tbsp Cocoa Powder
  1. Sticky Chewy Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe