1. Neuhaus Chocolate Duets Table Box 60 pc
Neuhaus Chocolate Duets Table Box 60pc
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  • Net Weight: 11.9 oz
  • Dimensions: 11.8" x 11.7" x 1.8"

One of the most universal gifts to give is a box of luscious chocolates, and these custom-made confections give a wonderfully unique chocolate experience. For the first time, with Neuhaus Chocolate Duets Table Box, you can customize your own personal Belgian praline. Pick out one of six refined chocolate bases and match it with one of six generously filled toppings—which means you can mix and match into thirty-six different combinations! What makes Neuhaus Chocolate Duets so incredible? The simplicity and perfection of the Neuhaus praline. For over 100 years, ever since Jean Neuhaus Jr. invented the Belgian praline in 1912, all Neuhaus chocolates have been made entirely in Belgium.

  1. Neuhaus Chocolate Duets Table Box 60 pc