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7 Unexpected Foods Covered in Chocolate That People Love

There you are, standing in your kitchen. In front of you sits a bowl of deliciously melted chocolate. You’ve already covered a few strawberries and you’re casting your eyes around you to see what else might benefit from a generous coating of decadent chocolate. Maybe you reach for an apple, or a piece of pound cake. If you’re a little adventurous, maybe you reach for a potato chip or a pretzel. Others take their exploration in somewhat questionable directions. Feast your eyes on 7 of the most unexpected foods that people have covered in chocolate.

1. Chocolate Covered Whole Onions

It’s not inconceivable that this Philadelphia "treat" started as a prank, but no one at Mueller Chocolate Co is talking. People stop by their booth at the Reading Terminal Market and marvel, but only some are brave enough to dare take a bite.

2. Chocolate Covered Edamame

Compared to chocolate covered onions, this one isn't all that strange. It especially works for those into the whole sweet/savory thing. You could even argue that these are almost mainstream now that you can find them at Trader Joes. Question is, if you cover a "health food" in chocolate, is it still considered healthy?

3. Chocolate Covered Jalapeño

Now, these guys really bring the heat to the chocolate party! It seems like an unlikely combination, but fans swear by the pairing of sweet and spicy. Throw in the crunch factor of a good jalapeño and you get a strange little winner. Who knows, maybe sweet/hot is the new sweet/savory.

4. Chocolate Covered Bugs

People say that one day our diet will largely feature a wide variety of creepy crawlies. If that comes to pass, anyone who already indulges in chocolate covered bugs will probably be more than ready for the shift. Turns out, there's no limit to the kinds of bugs that can be dipped in chocolate: ants, crickets, scorpions…apparently, if you can catch it, you can dip it! It does beg the question as to whether the first chocolate covered bug came to be because of a kitchen mishap or if it was an intentional creation.

5. Chocolate Covered Pickles

We've already established that the whole sweet/savory concept is appealing to some adventurous eaters. It's possible that the same people are attracted to the sweet/tart combination. What's harder to comprehend in this instance is how you even get chocolate to stick to something, dare we say it, slimy like a pickle.

6. Chocolate Covered Corndogs

We can only imagine that you'd have to be at a state fair to think "Hey, know what would be fun? Dipping a hot dog into some cornmeal batter, deep frying it and THEN dipping it in chocolate!" Then again, you'd probably also have to be at a state fair to think putting something like that in your mouth would be a great idea. Then again, corndogs are a little sweet to start with, so maybe it works. The only thing that isn't in doubt is that it isn't exactly healthy, but people deep fry butter, so what do we know.

7. Chocolate Covered Beef Jerky

If the whole point of beef jerky is to have food that can live in your backpack for weeks as you travel around the world, doesn't covering it in chocolate defeat the purpose? Maybe people were getting tired of chocolate covered bacon and the thought of chocolate covered tough-as-leather meat was the next logical step. We’ll probably never know.

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