1. Halloween Chocolate Pretzel Pizza
Halloween Chocolate Pretzel Pizza
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Small chocolate pretzel pizza waffle bowl filled with semi-sweet chocolate and crunchy pretzel pieces topped with layers of broken sugar cones, milk chocolate, M&M's, chocolate cookie chunks, mini chocolate chips, sprinkles in Halloween and fall colors and drizzled throughout with white chocolate. Includes smash mallet for breaking treat into bite sized pieces.

  • Net Weight: 8 oz.
  • Dimensions: 7.5" X 6" X 4"

Brew up excitement on Halloween night with this wickedly delicious, deep dish chocolate pretzel pizza topped with cobweb icing and served in a yummy waffle cone bowl. Take turns giving the crunchy treat a tap with the wooden mallet and enjoy the salty pretzel pieces and candy treasures that break off. Move over bobbing for apples, there’s new fun to be had on Halloween. Dare your family or visiting ghosts and goblins to dig into this hauntingly decadent dessert.