1. Hagensborg Truffle PigTM Truffles

Hagensborg Truffle PigTM Truffles

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Hagensborg Truffle Pig TM Truffles

Product Details

: 1025-P-163128
This set of two boxes holds adorable all natural pig shaped chocolate truffles that are crafted by a boutique chocolatier in British Columbia. This chocolatier's philosophy of Farm To Bar direct trade leads them to source their cacao directly from ethically motivated Central American farmers.  Each of the two boxes in the gift holds 5 individually wrapped truffles.  One box is Milk Chocolate and one box is Dark Chocolate.

Hagensborg Truffle PigTM Milk Chocolate Fair Trade Truffles    5 each, individually wrapped
Hagensborg Truffle PigTM Dark Chocolate Fair Trade Truffles    5 each, individually wrapped

Gift measures 6" L x 3" W x 2.75" H