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Chuao Share the Love Artisan Bar 36 Pc Gift
Chuao Share the Love Artisan Bar 36 Pc Gift
Product Code: 163141
Chuao Share the Love Artisan Bar 36 Pc Gift

Chuao Share the Love Artisan Bar 36 Pc Gift

This gift box of 36 mini premium chocolate bars is perfect to share with friends, co-workers, family, OR to keep in your secret chocolate stash! Chef Michael has created a gourmet chocolate experience with unique all American flavor combinations.  Favorites include Baconluxious, Potato Chip, Caramel Apple Crush, Cheeky Churro, and Strawberry Waffle.
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This 36 bar gift set is beautifully boxed in a premium quality Chuao signature gift box and tied with a red fabric ribbon.  All bars have been produced using Non-GMO ingredients and crafted with Fair Trade Certified cacao. They free of artificial preservatives, sweeteners, colors, flavors and hydrogenated fats.

Includes 3 of each:
Firecracker mini bar: Sea salt, a dash of chipotle and popping candy crackle in dark chocolate.
Honeycomb mini bar: Luscious amber honey, caramelized into crisp bits and enrobed in dark chocolate.
Baconluxious Chocolate mini bar: Delicate maple sweetness, a sprinkle of bonfire smoked sea salt and crispy, uncured bacon in milk chocolate.
Potato Chip mini bar: Crisp kettle cooked potato chips and a hint of sea salt, mix and mingle in milk chocolate.
Caramel Apple Crush mini bar: Tangy green apple flirts with buttery caramel in milk chocolate.
Salted Chocolate Crunch mini bar: Crunchy, toasted breadcrumbs dusted with sea salt and swirled in dark chocolate.
Totally Tangy Mango mini bar: Sweet mango sprinkled with tart lime, sea salt and a pinch of chile in rich dark chocolate.
Cheeky Cheeky Churro mini bar: Crunchy, sweet cinnamon & sugar churro swirled in dark chocolate.

Includes 2 each of:
Spicy Maya mini bar: Seductive cinnamon, pasilla chile and warming cayenne bedded in dark chocolate.
Pop Corn Pop mini bar: Mixed puffed whole grains, toasted corn chips, and a sprinkle of sea salt with a surprising POP in milk chocolate.
Orange-A-Go-Go mini bar: Rich dark chocolate grooves with zesty bits of candied orange and soulful orange bergamot.
Sweet & Salty mini bar: A sprinkle of sea salt, swirled into creamy milk chocolate.
Cinnamon Cereal Smooch mini bar: Scrumptious cinnamon toast cereal spooning in milk chocolate.
Strawberry Waffle Wild mini bar: Crunchy waffles fall for bits of tangy strawberry in milk chocolate.

Gift Measures 8" x 8" x 2.5"
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