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Cheezy Jalapeño Popcorn
Product Code: 68910
Cheezy Jalapeño Popcorn

Cheezy Jalapeño Popcorn

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  • 5oz Cheezy Jalapeño
The unmistakable zip of jalapeño pepper gives this feisty popcorn flavor its heat, combined with robust, cheddar-y cheese covering each fluffy kernel. It's firey, zesty and oh-so-delicioso!

FLAVORS Sweet & Satisfying. Extra-buttery & Bold. Try our latest chef-inspired popcorn creations — deliciously seasoned and drizzled to perfection. Decorative resealable canisters let you sample them all. Send one as a gift, add one to your order, or better yet, gift one to yourself. But some are only available for the season, so find your new favorites now.
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