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Neuhaus Holiday Dark Chocolate Ballotin 17pc
Product Code: 163949

Neuhaus Holiday Dark Chocolate Ballotin 17pc

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Neuhaus chocolatiers invented the ballotin box over a century ago in Belgium and they continue to elevate the iconic chocolate gift presentation. 1/2 lb. of authentic All Dark Belgian Chocolates are delivered wrapped for the Holidays in a festive green and gold holiday design. This absolute expression of Belgian Chocolate Excellence will be adored by dark chocolate lovers.

    Neuhaus is world-renowned for holding the highest standards in authentic Belgian Chocolate. Since 1857, Neuhaus chocolates have been crafted entirely in Belgium with only the finest ingredients. These fine chocolates are non-GMO and are imported fresh weekly.

    • The Galerie: Dark chocolate filled with caramel ganache, sea salted with French "fleur de sel de Guérandé", on a fine layer of praliné.
    • The Art Nouveau: Dark 70% cacao chocolate with dark chocolate ganache (70% cocoa) and grilled hazelnuts from the Black Sea region.
    • The Jean: The ganache filling in Jean is made from intense dark origin chocolate from Peru. The combination with a dark chocolate shell gives this praline a perfect balance of intense flavors.
    • The Figaro: The Figaro praline is a wonderful combination of dark chocolate and a smooth praliné made from hazelnuts from the Black Sea coast region. The hazelnuts are roasted in our chocolate atelier by a Master Roaster and they give the praliné its exquisite and perfectly balanced flavor.
    • The Fraise des Bois: Dark chocolate praline made with strawberry flavoured sugar cream.
    • The Canasta: Artisanal Faro marzipan with 50% almonds, enveloped in dark chocolate.
    • The Suzanne: Raspberry ganache on a fine layer of praliné, covered with dark chocolate and decorated with pieces of raspberry.
    • The Satan: Satan has an intense dark chocolate shell. The praliné filling made of freshly roasted and caramelized hazelnuts is enhanced by crunchy little pieces of hazelnut from the Black Sea coast region.
    • The Albert: The Albert chocolate is filled with a praliné made of hazelnuts from the Black Sea coast region. This chocolate also hides a whole caramelized hazelnut in the center, an exquisite and delicious surprise.
    • Please note that individual contents may vary
    • Gift Measures 7" x 4.5" x 2.5"
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