Neuhaus 2021 Premium Chocolate Advent Calendar
Neuhaus 2021 Premium Chocolate Advent Calendar
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Let the countdown to Christmas begin with Neuhaus's 2021 limited edition 3-D pop up Advent Calendar. Day by day, the beauty and wonder of the famed Neuhaus Galerie de la Reine flagship boutique in Brussels is brought to life in this premium Advent calendar. The beautiful Christmas scene unfolds one delicious piece of chocolate at a time.

    Inspired by the timeless charm and warmth of a traditional Belgian Christmas, this exquisite Neuhaus Premium Advent Calendar features a joyful selection of twenty-five full sized pralines in their most timeless tastes, including their legendary Irrésistibles and best pralines. With every chocolate praline opened and enjoyed in this impressive box, the magical Belgian Christmas scene builds before their eyes, becoming more beautiful every day.

      Neuhaus is world-renowned for holding the highest standards in authentic Belgian Chocolate. Since 1857, Neuhaus chocolates have been crafted entirely in Belgium with only the finest ingredients. These fine chocolates are non-GMO and are imported fresh weekly.

      • Contains 25 pieces of Dark, White and Milk Assorted Chocolates
  • Gift Measures 10.5" x 8.25" x 1.5"