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Existing Sellers

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for choosing Goodsey!

We're glad you're here. As an existing seller, this is your go-to page that will tell you everything you need to know while using our platform. Whether you have a question about an order or need advice on writing a good product description, we're here to help.

  1. Read through our Terms & Conditions
  2. Tell your contact you would like an invite
  3. Email your COI (Certificate of Insurance)
  4. To create your account through the registration link, include:
    • Contact details
    • Bank account
    • Shipping & delivery
    • Whether or not you accept promotions
  5. If you sell food or children's products, work with the compliance team
  6. Create products (either manually, upload or API - refer to manual)
  7. Upload offers
  8. Goodsey team will review & provide feedback or add to the site
  9. Monitor and process orders

Helpful Reminders

  • Make sure all images are 690 x 755 (See photo guidelines)
  • Product descriptions should include:
    • General description
    • Dimensions
    • Weight
    • Color
    • Material
  • Associate offers with a shipping tier (active)
  • Set your start & end date and add any processing time
  • Products & offers can be uploaded at the same time to save time!

Getting Started:

Inventory is updated directly in the Goodsey Seller Portal either by uploading a spreadsheet with inventory and pricing updates (offer update) or by manually making the adjustments in the system.

There are two programs that run year-round. These include: Employee Promotions and our Celebrations Passport program. Employee Promotions are 30% off and account for a very small number of orders. Celebrations Passport is our enterprise loyalty program which provides members with free ground shipping across our full portfolio of brands, including Goodsey. In addition to these two programs, Goodsey will occasionally run a marketing offer. You can opt in for potential inclusion in either shipping promotions or other discount programs. For these programs, we’ll set the offer, then reach out to sellers who have expressed interest by opting in. They’ll be asked if they would like to participate in that specific promotion.


There are no penalties associated with missing orders. However, if you repeatedly miss orders and do not meet the quality standards, you will not be allowed to continue as a seller on Goodsey.

When you sell a product on Goodsey, you’ll be charged a commission fee. Commissions are collected as followed and apply to all categories (any items in bold are further defined below).

For any item sold on Goodsey, the amount of commission charged = commission rate * seller price – agreed discounts. (As a reminder, the seller price = the product price + shipping fees – agreed shipping discounts.)

Seller price = $100
Commission rate = 25%
Commission = $25 ($100 * 25%)

Note that as a seller, your payments will be disbursed into your bank account 30 days after the closing month when your invoice is generated.


Agreed discounts: Represent any and all discounts off products or services which Goodsey and the seller may agree to, from time-to-time, and would include, by way of example, promotional discounts offered by Goodsey to Goodsey customers to which the seller has agreed to opt-in or participate.

Agreed shipping discounts: Represent discounts off shipping fees and charges which Goodsey may offer to Goodsey customers, from time-to-time, and would include by way of example, affinity discount shipping fee programs.

Commission: Is the commission fee collected by Goodsey at the time of sale of your product and represents 25% of the seller price, less any agreed discounts. Commissions include all payment processing fees and other Goodsey operational costs.

Seller price: For a given product, this equals the sum of the product price that you provide for that item and the shipping fees you provide or set via the Seller Portal for that product, less any agreed discounts.


All sellers will receive card message stock, card message envelopes, and stickers. A sticker should be added to the outside of the shipping box. The card message should be printed, placed into the envelope, and then inserted into the shipping box with the gift.

In order to have a more cohesive shipping cost for our customers, we have recommended a shipping table based on product price point and different ship methods. You can either use that table or adjust the shipping cost for your products. Please be aware that if you raise the shipping charges by a large amount from the ‘suggested,’ customers may be dissuaded from purchasing due to the high shipping cost.

A variant group code is used to place variants together. Only add a variant group code when you have variations of a product, since variants share the same variant group code.
If you want multiple SKUs/variants to appear on the same product page as radio buttons, you need to ensure all of those products have the same variant group code.


Currently, we are enabled for API integration. We will check with our technology team to see if EDI will be available in the future.


A variant is a SKU of a product or variations of a product. For example, you could sell dresses with variations in sizes. Choice in size could include three values: small, medium, and large. One variant here would be a dress in size small.

Setting up Products:

Writing a good product description can make or break a sale. As a business owner, you understandably want to focus on your product’s features and show off what makes it unique. In your description, you should include:

  • Dimensions
  • Weight
  • Material
  • Size (for clothing items)
  • Ingredients (for food items)

Be aware that the consumer wants to know how your product can benefit them. Be sure to mention if your product is:

  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Organic
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Hypoallergenic

Be Natural

It’s important to use natural language and tone. You don’t want your description to sound like a computer-generated string of words, but rather, more like something you’d say in an out-loud conversation; you want to be relatable. This can help the consumer connect with your brand.
For example, instead of simply saying "gold earrings,” write something along the lines of “a pair of dazzling gold earrings she’ll want to show off on her next girls’ night out.”

Be Descriptive

You want to grab the consumer’s attention. As you write your descriptions, look for any adjectives (descriptive words) that could use some dressing up. Rather than sticking with words such as “nice” or “high quality,” use words like “stunning” or “elegant.”

Be Easy to Read

Most people have short attention spans, so you want to make your descriptions, especially lengthy ones, scannable. Use bullet points, write short paragraphs made up of a few sentences for long descriptions, and if you really want to emphasize something, put it in bold or in italics.

Thanks for being a part of Goodsey! To save you time, please ensure that your photos meet the following requirements.

  • All Images need to be exactly: 690 pixels wide by 755 pixels high.
  • 72 DPI.
  • Use JPEG formats; we do not accept PNG or TIFF files.
  • Your main product shot must have a white background.
  • Alternate photos can be lifestyle, scale, detail, or group shots.

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